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Here you can find inspiration and insights to deepen and widen your experience of the 5Rhythms practice.

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Did you know that there are five very distinct different ways to practice the Rhythms? Learn to embrace all of them if you want to make the most of your steps.






This is so vital if we’re going to make a difference in the world. How can you bring the spirit of the 5Rhythms into your work, your home, your relationships?







Making the 5Rhythms a practice you can do at home: obstacles and excuses removed, inspiration served!







A short film on the links between Stillness and the deep masculine as a force within us all. 





In-depth interview with Adam about his journey with the 5Rhythms both personally and professionally. 







This is a distillation of thousands of hours experience. It may serve you to read it, and then again it may be better to just turn up not knowing. Trust your instincts…









Once you’ve got a good grounding in the physical level of the 5Rhythms (at your local class, or better still a ‘Waves level’ workshop), then you may be ready to step into Heartbeat level practice. Some notes on that here.









Movement practice has been an absolutely invaluable resource for me in going through periods of intense change. Some notes here from what I’ve learnt over the years.








Some guidance on how to do your practice when you’re dealing with injuries, illness, or just tiredness.








The story of a dancer who uncovered deeply buried childhood trauma doing 5Rhythms work, and navigated her way through a profound healing journey, with some guidance about how to deal with this if you have something similar going on.








A short film about where Truth sits in the 5Rhythms maps.







At first, as a beginner, you know that you don’t know. Then you start to know something, and your ability to learn drops. Some insights here on how to keep renewing that beginners mind, so that your knowledge doesn’t block your progress.










Are you drawn to teach the 5Rhythms?







Suggestions about how to get hold of music for home practice, and how to use what you already have.