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Over the years, I’ve helped guide a huge number of people through specific challenges that they’re facing both in life and on the dance floor. I’ve seen that dancers often don’t realise how to use their practice in this way, far beyond just ‘going through the rhythms’, and that it’s incredibly useful.

I offer 5Rhythms coaching sessions via skype, accessing your potential to:

  • Target your movement practice to tackle specific issues
  • Create changes in your experience of relationships, work, and life path
  • Unpack and move through stumbling blocks and blindspots in your movement practice
  • Learn how to integrate your practice into daily life more effectively
  • Open up your field of perception as to what’s possible within your practice

You may want to actually move during sessions, but probably most of it will be us talking things over, and then you come away from the session with a bunch of next steps to explore.

Sessions cost £75 per hour, or shorter sessions pro rata.

Book a one-off session or a series.

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