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I am awed at how my awareness has been altered. I love this practice. Terrifying, loving, deep, supportive, exhilarating, honest and expansive. The clarity that came through for me was unexpected, shocking and unbelievably true. Truer than anything I’ve ever felt.   Elizabeth C

The 5Rhythms is a movement-based meditation practice. You’re not copying someone else’s steps, but creating your own, learning to listen inside yourself and sense how your body wants to move naturally.

You’ll explore different movement styles, with or without music, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner or in small groups.

It’s OK to have physical limitations, and you’ll be free to go at your own pace. You may feel self-conscious at first, but newcomers are usually amazed at how quickly that passes.

The experience of being in a 5Rhythms class or workshop can vary hugely. It can be totally exhilarating, then the next moment profoundly challenging, then quite ordinary and no big deal. You may feel more alive than you’ve ever known, incredibly sensitive to everything that’s happening, full of creative energy and inspiration. At other times you may feel vulnerable, shy, or out of your depth. Over time you get to learn how to simply move through all these states of consciousness, becoming a skilful surfer of your own waves of energy, which becomes a highly practical and transferable life-skill.

As a beginner you may feel self-concious at first, but people are usually surprised at how quickly that passes. It’s not about being good at anything, or getting it right. It’s fine to be awkward or brilliant, expressive or reserved, enthusiastic or unsure. You can go at your own pace. You’re welcome as you are.

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