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10 Oct 17 - 05 Dec 17
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
United Kingdom, Stroud Lansdown Rd
Stroud, United Kingdom

A nine-week journey through the five aspects of presence, from the physical body to the source of our consciousness. Through movement based around the 5Rhythms we will have direct experience of the whole spectrum of ourselves, how we interact with each other, and how our creative energy can be unleashed to serve the world around us.  We will also gather tools that empower us to integrate what we find into day to day life, with opportunities to study in between sessions.

All 9 weeks are with the same group, so you are committing to the whole journey, able to be there for all the sessions. This enables us to build a strong container and dive deeply into our time together.

Where: The Center For Science & Art, Stroud

When: Tuesdays 7pm – 9.30pm Oct 10th – Dec 5th

Cost: £135 if booked by Sep 10th, £147 after that

To book: Contact Magdalena

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The God Pattern
27 Oct 17 - 29 Oct 17
United Kingdom, London London, United Kingdom

Dance, sex, and deep mathematics

The 5Rhythms are not just rhythms; they are the physical manifestation of a pattern that describes the way consciousness and matter interface with each other. This pattern shows up everywhere within the human psyche from sex to meditation, as well as through breaking waves, where there’s the same kind of interface going on between the ocean and the shoreline.

What’s new news is that it also shows up in pure maths, in the relationship between the number π which describes circles, and the number 0 which describes emptiness.

There’s a simple equation called “Euler’s Identity” that is a stand-out jewel of mathematical beauty. It links together the five most important and fundamental numbers in existence (the first and fifth of which are π and 0) with an elegance and simplicity that is astonishing.

This equation is the same pattern as the 5Rhythms. Not only does each number have the same quality as one of the rhythms, but the numbers are related to one another in precisely the same way that the rhythms are, in a configuration that is profoundly sexual. That these two patterns are in fact one and the same… that’s wild and holy magic.

The numbers teach us some new things about the rhythms and how to practice them, and this workshop is the first one of its kind, where you get to explore that.

Mathematicians: this will probably give you a radically new experience of your field, with tangible insights into the connections between numbers, spirituality, and human nature.

Dancers: you don’t need any ability with maths to take part! You will get to experience the rhythms in new ways, learning how to use your intelligence as well as your sweat to weave together the deepest instincts of your body with the invisible silence that is carried on the wings of the breath.

Note that this workshop counts as an Elective towards the 5Rhythms teacher training. 

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One Heart
03 Nov 17 - 05 Nov 17
Germany, Berlin Breite Str 43
Berlin, 13187 Germany

There’s really only one problem – how we respond to fear. And there’s really only one solution – to love. Yet how?

When we’re lost in our own shadows with a heavy body, murky heart and a mind doing overtime, how do we find the way out? How do we find the courage to move through our fears, stand in the integrity of our anger, let sadness wash us totally clean? How to bring joy to a world that’s so often heartless? Where can we find the compassion in which all our wild and crazy feelings find their resting place? How do we fall in love with love, over and over again?

Moving through the 5 rhythms we constantly explore these questions, making the journey from frozen fear to love in motion, where the experience of feeling becomes a wild and passionate meditation. We make these steps on the dance floor, so that the pathways are there for us in day to day life. The rhythms are deep and vital medicine for our personal and cultural hang-ups, unleashing the part of us that is truly a warrior, healer, friend and lover.

As the structures of our world are breaking down in so many ways, we need each other more than ever – to break down the walls within and between us. Yes, we need to befriend our own hearts, but let’s not stop there, let’s go on to reach out and touch the world. Time to sweat our stuff, let the spirit of all things take us through and beyond whatever is holding us back in life, to the place where we are one dance, one voice, one heart.

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You, Me, and Us
10 Nov 17 - 12 Nov 17
Czech Republic, Prague Prague, Czech Republic

Here we use the rhythms to move through relationships – how to be alone, with someone else, and part of a group.

Can you be at peace in your own company, or are you on edge, needing someone else’s attention? When you’re with someone else do you usually lead, follow or improvise? Can you be yourself or do you act nice and stay in control at all costs? Can you trust yourself enough to open up and be vulnerable with others? When you’re in a group of people do you hide out or barge in? How do you find your place and fill your role? Do you know how to change things when you want to? 

The 5 Rhythms are in the end a pathway to love, from love, with love. The body tells the truth, so we get to see what we’re up to, but being physical is also a highly effective way to let go, move on and explore new pathways. And the wonderful thing about it is, you don’t have to think too much about it. 

Move, breathe, pay attention, and be open to learn. Things can change. 

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24 Nov 17 - 26 Nov 17
Germany, Köln Tanzfaktur, Siegburger Str. 235w
Köln, Germany

“Intimacy is an open path, a bridge between my heart and yours. We get stuck on the bridge because we don’t want to pay these tolls: total surrender to vulnerability, spontaneity, and an open, unguarded heart.”
Gabrielle Roth

The more intimate we can be with our body and its movements, the more we are creating a good ground for intimacy with our heart and its movements, and each dance with ourself is a step across the bridge for dancing with another.

On this workshop the invitation is to find the intimacy with our fear of being our own true self, vulnerable and strong and exploring how is that affecting our meeting with another soul. We will dance again and again, sometimes stuck dances, sometimes fluid dances, on this path of intimacy. Moving from “what will happen if I, what will happen if you, what will you think and what will I do, and who knows what could happen…” into being comfortable and surrendering to the unknown between the two of us.

Note: “I am stepping into Sylvia Tomcik’s shoes here – this was her workshop but due to family illness has asked me to step in. You can find her work here.” Adam

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Right Here, Right Now
08 Dec 17 - 10 Dec 17
France, Paris Paris, France

To be a embodied warrior of the heart; No matter whether pleasurable or painful, whether I’m alone or in company, whether I understand what’s happening or not, I will say yes to this experience and be as creative as I can with what I have, I will seek the growth and learning and healing here, I will let this moment dance me even deeper awake and alive, in love, in truth, with every breath I have.

This is not for the faint-hearted, but then none of us are faint-hearted. Not really. We all have a longing for life, love, and freedom so profound that deep down we will tackle anything to reach for it. Maybe sometimes we lose hope, but even then we can help each other out, encourage, cheer on, take hands. We don’t have to do this alone.

We move through the 5Rhythms to free the body and open the heart, listening to their endless source of wisdom and learning, to expand, empower, and enlighten our presence, so that whatever comes our way becomes our meditation.

This is it: right here, right now.

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15 Dec 17 - 17 Dec 17
Finland, Helsinki Helsinki, Finland

Midwinter is naturally a time of stillness, quiet, and rest. All too often it is precisely the opposite, and we stress ourselves way beyond what is healthy. So this is a weekend to unplug, switch off, and take Refuge in the arms of movement as prayer. To be within the quiet intimacy of the breath with the body, and know ourselves to be bigger, deeper, and so much more mysterious than the corporate media machine would have us believe. Waves can arise, pass through, and be resolved, falling back into a profound peace that is already here, when we choose.

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The Power of Intention
04 Jan 18 - 07 Jan 18
Austria, Yspertal Yspertal, Austria

Dance deep and true, to open up your five essential powers: of being, feeling, knowing, seeing and healing. Out of these five powers comes the ability to truly choose, with everything you have.

What’s going well?

What’s hurting?

Where’s the growth?

What do you……fear?……desire?…..intend?

Dance deep and true, to give all these questions to the wild moment of power – NOW – get free of your own head-trips and align your will with your intention to make some things happen. This will be a highly focused workshop designed to bring your dreams to earth and empower your choices for the year ahead; for yourself, your tribe and our world.

Note from Adam: “You will get much more out of this event if you book well in advance. From the moment you book your place, your psyche begins it’s journey in a way that does not happen if you’re just telling yourself ‘I will do it soon…’ Because we’re working with dreams and intention here this will make a difference. Action has power. Pick up the phone or send an email and start your journey now!”

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13 Jan 18 - 14 Jan 18
Switzerland, Geneva Geneva, Switzerland

These are wild times. We’re not just on the edge, we’re off the edge and falling. We need to change, radically, and it’s happening. There’s a shift in consciousness taking place that is profound, far reaching, beyond any one of us, and involving all of us.
There’s a mighty river bursting it’s banks everywhere, and it’s rushing through each one of us. We are being called, cajoled and catapulted into new ways of being that require us to let go of our fixed ideas and patterns, to expand beyond what we thought possible and allow more energy to flow through us than ever before.

Right here in the first few weeks of the year, let’s open up to our potential both individually and collectively, to allow growth to happen, find healing where it’s needed, and move on! We drop into the beat and dance our socks off, letting go of our little self, giving our feet and breath to the big dream that we’re seeking, as ONE.

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09 Feb 18 - 11 Feb 18
United Kingdom, Hebden Bridge Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom

We all have strong feelings – about ourselves, each other, and life – even if they’re buried deep. We are meant to get scared enough to wake up and move, to get pissed off enough to change things, to cry deeply enough to truly let go of what we’ve lost. Then joy and compassion have deep roots and bold possibilities. The real problem is we’re scared of our own feelings, and we’ve learnt to avoid our own fear rather than go through it.

Heartbeat is wild strong medicine for numb, broken, frozen hearts, as well as for our hard-hearted culture that’s going crazy trying to escape itself and find itself at the same time. It maps out the ways your feelings and your wounded shadows move so you can use their energy for creative action, and become a stillpoint in the storm of your own heart. It is a deep meditation and a celebration of loving; embodied, expressed, released, your feelings become a source of creative power and presence both on and off the dance floor, to find the courage to love and be loved.

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To be confirmed
15 Feb 18 - 18 Feb 18
Germany, Munich Herrnstr. 21
Munich, 80539 Germany

Watch this space…

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Deep Focus
20 Feb 18 - 25 Feb 18
Belgium, Orval Bois-le-Comte
Orval, Belgium

Now in it’s 5th year: if you’ve been practicing the 5Rhythms for a while, then this may be for you: a workshop format designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and personally with the 5Rhythms maps.

We’re aiming for a group of dancers who have both the will and the experience to focus their work in a more specific way than is usually possible in a workshop setting. Being residential, we can work long hours whilst still having time to rest and integrate: as well as moving together, each of you will work individually with the support of myself and the group, taking your practice to a whole new level, open out your perception of what’s possible, and free up your potential in motion.

We’ll be working in the wonderful Ost-West Centrum in our work, fully catered, great dance space with a heated floor, woods to walk in around us.

“This is the most advanced work I offer, and only available on this workshop: if you already have some experience at Waves and Heartbeat level of the Rhythms maps, and you’re seeking to create a more personal and particular relationship between your own unique path and practice then you are welcome to jump in. Write to me if you have any questions.” Adam

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To be confirmed
09 Mar 18 - 11 Mar 18
United Kingdom, Oxford Cricket Rd
Oxford, OX4 3DR United Kingdom

A project that Jessica Howie and I are running together, exploring the man/woman dance. Details coming soon.

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Open The Box!
07 Apr 18 - 08 Apr 18
Belgium, Brussels Brussels, Belgium

We can get lost in the day to day shuffle of papers, keyboards, day-jobs, traffic jams, push-buttons and news flashes, with the needs of our loved ones and colleagues all pressing for our time and attention, not to mention the subtle demands of acceptable ways of being that we’ve taken on. Playing to other people’s rules without even knowing it, we can get lost somewhere deep inside ourselves and wander through our days with anything between bottled up fury to a vague sense of missing something vital. 

“There must be more than this!”

We all need to take time out from our busy lives to cut loose, express our feelings, and let go of all those rules, in a place that’s safe enough to trust our own flow, with no judgement about who we are or seem to be.

This is that space. Whatever shape you’re in, you’re welcome to come dive in, let go of your headtrips, and open your box. 

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Moving For Freedom
20 Apr 18 - 22 Apr 18
Poland, Warsaw Warsaw, Poland

Free your body,

open your heart, 

empty your mind. 

The rhythms form a simple effective movement practice for developing your personal power, sensitivity and creativity.  Moving through the rhythms brings you in touch with yourself as a whole, gives expression to whatever you need to release, and opens up a world of communication and connection with others. Many deep friendships have been made on the dancefloor, many lives transformed and given new vision and purpose.

This is not always easy – it takes discipline and courage to be oneself – but it is worth it! Somewhere inside you is a consciousness that knows what you are here for, how to love deeply, and how to be a vital part of the world around you. The 5 rhythms are a practical way to find this place; to heal what is hurt, to let go of old burdens, to become the wild free spirit that is you.

Freedom is what you do with what you’ve been given – J.P. Satre

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The Way of the Pilgrim
08 May 18 - 13 May 18
Czech Republic, Prague Prague, Czech Republic

“There is no way to happiness – happiness is the Way” Buddha

Investigate and explore how to use the 5Rhythms as a practice to serve the call of the wild — the quiet voice that whispers our name until we learn to listen, put one foot in front of other, and take a true step.

Within the incredibly rich diversity of experience in life, there’s really only one thing going on. That one core thing is so simple it cannot be named. It just is.

Around that we move, breathe, and pay attention.

We are dancers, lovers, pilgrims on the way of life. We travel deeper and see further when we travel together. So let’s go.

Let’s go


Just here


We are

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25 Aug 18 - 01 Sep 18
Poland, Lake Naria Lake Naria, Poland

2018’s summer intensive in Poland – we’re back on the Island!

Details to follow soon.

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The Tao of Loving
22 Sep 18 - 23 Sep 18
Belgium, Brussels Brussels, Belgium

Love is not just a feeling, it’s an action too. Emotional energies naturally become action if we follow them through.

Being willing to face our fear gives us courage to move.
Expressing our anger all the way brings us to forgiveness.
Truly releasing into sadness we find the ability to surrender totally to life.
Being full of joy we become naturally generous.
And compassion simply is service.

This is our way of loving: love is courageous, forgiving, surrendered, and generously in service.

So here is our practice — to move through our emotional world deeply enough to not only feel love but to be loving, to open up the pathways from fear to love in movement, so that our feelings become an offering to the world around us.