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I love this practice; it’s completely changed my life. I am both humbled and proud to be teaching it. By the time I left home aged 17 I was a total mess, caught deep in addictions, a little crazy, unable even to make friends. It’s been a long long road to heal the broken places, the dissociated patterning, the wounds that just wouldn’t stop bleeding. Work in progress. The 5Rhythms has been at the heart of that journey, giving me huge resources and opportunities to move through and transform that which I had become.

However, in my experience there has been much missing in the way we teach and practise the rhythms. It is a body of work still in its infancy, and it’s a growing passion of mine to be part of its continuing development as a practice that can reach every point in the human psyche, no matter how fractured or lost.

Collectively we have a legacy of terrible violence behind us and inside us, and at this point have huge opportunities to evolve as a species. The time is now. I’m highly focussed on that evolution both within myself and through my contribution to the whole, as are so many of us. I’m thrilled to be alive at this incredible time, and have a fierce love for the amorphous tribe of conciousness-warriors that is springing up through this practice, as is the case in so many groups around the world. There’s hope, right there.


I came across the 5 Rhythms in ’88 after 7 years of studying meditation and many personal growth techniques. I started seriously practicing in ’91, trained to teach in ‘94, and had 5 years mentoring with Gabrielle to teach the ‘Heartbeat’ level of her work as well as doing the first official Heartbeat training with her in ’05-’06.

My teaching style is clear, bright, and a lot gentler than when I was a younger man, valuing subtle as well as peak experiences. I’m slowly learning humility.

I often work without music, which helps you the dancer to find your own rhythms and journeys in a deeper way. However, at heart I’m a musician as well as a dancer. Over the many years I’ve been doing this, I have come to use my DJ system as an instrument, and to know how to create soundscapes in ever more creative ways that is a truly delightful part of the job.

With deep thanks to all my teachers.


Thank you so much for that weekend.  It was up there with the most powerful workshops I have done. Your teaching, and your willingness to stand both in the place of power and in the place of vulnerability, showed the way. And the wonder of that group of dancers, and where we got to, as a group, in such a short time! It gives back some sense of hope for humanity. I have come to dread Heartbeat workshops, with what has so often felt like a ritual of faking or acting emotions I am not in that moment experiencing. This was so very different. This felt real. Angela Lord (5R teacher)